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Reddy’s Motor Spares

Specialist suppliers of new and used auto spare parts.

Established 1986 we offer spares for practically any make of passenger vehicle. We have an excellent supply chain with the major motor, taxi and minibus manufacturers that enables us to act as one stop shop for all new spares requirements.

We carry a large stock on our shelves for new as well as used spare parts. What we do not have in stock we order for you, with a fast turnaround time.

We have a selection of more than 600 cars in our scrapyard where used spares covering an extensive range of passenger cars can be obtained from. What you require, we will find for you.

REDDY MOTORSPARES serves the full automotive market ranging from the individual car owner to taxi owners, previously owner car dealers, garages and car fleets. We have a substantial clientele among taxi owners, for whom we offer special services such as direct import of Quantum and Zola Budd spare arts.

REDDY MOTORSPARES is a family owned business with a business ethics of clients’ services and hands-on delivery or which we have become well known over the almost 30 years of our existence.

Used Spares
REDDY MOTORSPARES is a specialist in used and new automotive spare parts. We have a vast selection of cars for stripping in stock that covers practically every make and model on the market. Parts include bonnets, fenders, headlights, windscreens, gearboxes, engines and all other automotive parts.

You call the shots, we have the parts!  

New Spares
REDDY MOTORSPARES holds a bumper-to bumper range of new spares at most affordable prices.  Our new spare parts include suspension, windscreen, door glass and all other car body parts, to mention but a few. We provide for all makes including taxi passenger vehicles.

Why Reddy’s ?

• Large selection of used and new automotive passenger     vehicle spares
• Track record of almost 30 years in the car parts business
• Fast order turnaround times for spare parts not in stock
• Competitive pricing
• Advanced business ethic and hands-on delivery.  

You call the shots, we give the parts!

Our client base

• Individual car owners
• Taxi owners
• Garages
• Car fleet owners
• Panel beaters & spray painters
• Used car dealers who tap into our stock of new and used     spare parts.

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